Tuesday, November 9, 2010


got together with some friends and were all rollin at www.famouslyconfused.com

come join

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

look at me

earthquake, wind warning, rain warning, and then tornado warning!? what the fuck. luckily the tornado didnt make it into tornto but it came close

Monday, June 14, 2010

been another couple weeks since i posted last. anyways a quick sum up of mostly everything. kharan came from ottawa to spend a day and night with me here. went out the night before and almost slept through my alarm. woke up last and had to rush to the train station. once there it took us another 30 minutes probably to find each other. pretty useless. gave him a quick tour of downtown and cmae back to the house. bought a bbq at walmart and stocked up on beer. kharan, julie, and myself had a good little bbq and some drinks then headed to a friends for a birthday gathering. a few days after that rom's aunt hooked me up with a bike so i can cruise the streets again. i cant remember if i said earlier, my tires got slashed at work one night, and i just dumped it on the street instead of walking it home. been working lots. then on the 11th went to rom's convocation. she officially graduated! very stoked! went out to dinner with her fam and then went out later that night wih the other grads to the bar for a few more drinks. the next day, woke up at 10am to watch world cup action. not the most exciting game but whatever. then went to sneaky dees in the afternoon to watch england play the states. after a few pitchers throughout the day, went home and passed out for a couple hours. woke up and then went to castle grey skull for a going away party. came home later and went to bed. woke up the next morning, watched some more soccer, and then zroy showed up at the house. went skating with a couple dudes out of the downtown core. sick park just wasnt in the mood really. it was so humid and it must have looked like i had just been swimming. sat on the subway, stinky and sweaty, got home showered and it was time for a party. we were having a little shaker at the house, to celebrate julies birthday and rom's moms birthday and also a celebration for the grads. cooked some hot dogs, drank some beers, and even ate some ice cream cake. woke up this morning feeling not so hot but whatever. drank enough beer this weekend to last me the end of the month. went to work after 3 days off and got my pay stub. 121.75 hours in the past 2 weeks. yikes. anyways off to bed then off to work again tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


been so hot lately. in the 30s and sunny. shame ive been working tons but still didnt stop me from getting a lobster burn one day. discovered this double chocolate stout. puts kilkenny and guiness to shame
im no longer working morning shifts at work. sad thing is no more french toast. good thing is i can sleep in and go in around 2. boom.
havent had a chance to skate lately. just been too tired and with the heat, screw that. still dont have a new board, ive got two boards ive had two sessions with and now both have giant cracks. it sucks. but kharan is coming over friday from ottawa to visit for a day so i think well go tear up my local temp park.
went over to zachs place did some bbq'n. eat that shrimp, eat that shrimp.
pretty much been too lazy to blog, so yeah consider yourself lucky i did this

Sunday, May 23, 2010

i vaaaaant

stussy...ugh havent bought anything in so long

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


if you died tomorrow would you be happy how you lived your life?

a woman at work asked me this, and after sitting on it for a few days, i think i have lived exceptionally well the 21 years ive been on this planet.
my first day in bondi, sitting on the beach with haig checking out the local surf
bondi beach- october 2008

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

exit through the gift shop

banksy's movie "exit through the gift shop" started playing in toronto on friday. and over the weekend, it seems like he has put some of his stencils up around the city. apparently there are a few scattered around the back alleys of china town but many have already been painted over.
check the movie out! im thinking about heading to see it on my day off. in other movie news, i have heard from too many people that ironman 2 was terrible so i refuse to pay to see it.
good day

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mom day

happy mothers day. sorry im not around for the second year in a row. ill be at dinner in spirit.

love your son

Saturday, May 8, 2010


the liqour stores here sell a huge variety of tall boy cans for cheap. ive been looking for a new good brew. kronenbourg has been a favorite for a long time so i still buy the occassional one. i got two different kinds of czech beers. one was a 7% and the other had a goat holding a pint, and that was enough reason for me to buy the beer. either way i didnt like the goat beer so much and the 7% wasnt bad but wasnt something i liked. ive got a lots of names to go through so ill let you know when i find some good ones

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the swag wags

toyota trying to bounce back from all their car defects by making stupid videos? haha its funny and stupid. dont know if that changes peoples minds though.

escape the plastic beach

tuesday was my second and final day off before i go back to work for 5 days with long ass hours. zroy hooked me up with a board that he gets from the park he rides for. didnt have an exacto knife, so did the true hood shit and cut the grip using my debit card. believe it. anyways busted out the pathfinder after a slight hibernation and drove out to missisauga and met up with him. went to this park called iceland, it was chill. ended up breaking my kingpin. so he knew a shop close by where they hooked me up with a free kingpin, problem is this kingpin didnt fit my indy trucks so i got a pair of shitty ventures from the shopowner that some kid left behind a while back. so we went to a different park. skated there a while, learned backnose grind bigspin out. cracked the nose of my board. then later on playing a little game of line skate, cracked my board again doing kickflip front board. bullshit. good skate day and a bad skate day all in one. rom headed back to vancouver for the next 5 days so my plan is pretty much to work long ridiculous hours to pass the time. having a couple friends over tonight though to watch the game. lets go nucks!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

baaaaaaaa logggggg naaaaaa

went to a sports bar last night to watch the canucks play the blackhawks in game two of the series. started strong, then by the end of the first we started playing like shit. and blackhawks tie it up and then you obviously know the rest. its bullshit. and we got these $14 nachos which would barely feed a baby, that was the icing on the bullshit cake. off the the value village and salvation store to hopefully find some gems. wish me luck.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

two LOOOOOONG weeeeeeeks

been two weeks since ive last posted...time flies. i am honestly way too lazy right now to do anything too. so heres pictures from my phone. enjoy. ange came to toronto on a layover before catching his flight to denmark. brought some rum from the bahamas. drank that and headed to the jays game. the season opener the day before sold out to the max, this game had 11000 people in attendance.weak.
weather has been decent lately. so cruised craigslist and picked up a bike for $25. so budget. except for its falling apart and can barely ride.
went out for beers with zach.
after a couple pitchers, headed back for a tour of his place. got to see his little studio and hear some new tracks.
rom officially finished her last exam april 20. met up with her and the other journalist grads at the bar around 2. got drunk and had a ball. coincidently it was 4.20, and dundas square had quite a big gathering. couple minutes before 420, someone supposedly pulled a gun out in the middle of the huge group. watched from the bar patio as people booked it every direction. after the bar went for sushi and biked to high park to chill. got cold quite and headed home, worked the next morning.
been skating lots lately. met up with z-roy, headed to the temp skatepark. skated all day and had a couple drinks at the park. biked to the beer store picked up 40s and went back to z-roys. watched some skate flicks and played some intense chess. next day rolled back to the park, skated for a bit, then skated street with some randoms. found some sick spots and a couple good flicks. went and played nazi zombies for a while and went skating again. my legs took a beating and couple walk for a couple days after that.
r.i.p. melvin fancy pants.been working like crazy. 90+ hours in the past two weeks. cant complain though, needed the money. went out for nachos and burritos to a mexican restaurant close by. awesome nachos and stupidly spicy salsa.
weather has been nice, so been spending a few minutes hanging at christie pitts park when i get the chance. big baseball game there today. rogers was there filming, didnt get a chance to watch though.
just a sweet poster at castle grey skull worked a 12 hour day and was dead tired. passed out and woke up at 7 to go back to work for another 9 hours. got home. watched the canucks kick the shit out of the blackhawks. had a couple friends over and had a few drinks. me and julie stuck beer caps on our foreheads and bet whose could stay on longer. i won. she had to do pushups. aint no thang.got off work today, came home and showered. hoped on the bike and me and rom biked around town. roamed through the crazy rich parts of town and saw some dream houses...

ahhh back to reality. got the next two days off. gonna get another skateboard cause mines thrashed since ive been skating lots lately. tear up some parks out in the burbs hopefully as long as the weather cooperates. ill post again in a couple days. later

Friday, April 16, 2010


my friend from montreal, who is living in australia right now just hit me up with some serious news when he found out im in toronto. THE WORLD POUTINE EATING CHAMPIONSHIP! holy shit. i love eating. i love poutine. i love eating so much that i feel like im going to burst. by no means am i a pro but i think i could give the other competitors a run for their money. hopefully its sometime in the summer.

got work today but a post of the week to come shortly

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

thats it thats all

after a pretty exciting final round of the masters at augusta national, phil mickelsen comes out on top and takes home another green jacket. very well deserving, especially after his eagle eagle birdie in round three. glad he nailed that final putt on 18 too, was a good finish.

start my first shift tomorrow at the restaurant. not looking forward to working and waking up anytime before 10am but the bank account is near e and by the end of the month id be sucking the fumes out of the bottem of the tank. on a high note, the 4th person from home is coming to visit for a couple days. andrew havabowlofjello on his way to denmark and has a layover in t.o. for two days. so he gets here tomorrow evening after being in the bahamas for a bit, so good news is he is bringing some duty free vodka!!! wooooooooop. me, ange, and the girls are heading to the bluejays game on wednesday. $11 per ticket...so budget. i honestly cannot remember for the life of me if i have ever been to a baseball game. but i cant say im even into baseball, its not something that strikes me as too interesting but apparently games are pretty fun. either way, since its a baseball game, i know for a fact that there will be beer and hot dogs and more than enough yelling, it'll be a gay ole time indeed.

number 3 is my fav

day 4

its the final round of the masters. its just coming on the tube right now. i called lee westwood before first day tee off to a friend to take the tourny down. he may not play the best throughout the year but he always seems to play really well at majors though. if you know me, you know how i feel about tiger. i know he is a good player...but hes a bum. this obviously has nothing to do with his some what recent scandal because in all honesty who cares what he did. hes not so perfect afterall...nobody is. and lay off of him for dumb shit. people are freaking because he swore after a bad shot...give him a break, cameras, microphones in his face all day and the whole world waiting for him to screw up and he did by saying fuck. haha whatever but i know he wont win, hes too shaky off the tee and sprays left and rigth every other hole. id like to see k.j choi make a solid run at the leaders and put up a fight. i guess we will see .

and not to forget, tom watson! holy hell, hes 60. get put up a seriously good number on round number 1, too bad he couldnt keep it up.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Old Spice

Dont know if you have seen these but these make me laugh. terry is boss.

hot tub time machine

went to Hot Tub Time Machine last night at rainbow cinemas toonie tuesday. it was good. the whole premise of the movie is quite dumb to start with so i wasnt expecting too much. but the jokes in it were hilarious and some funny stuff happened. chevy chase makes a few cameos too. rob corddry's character lou was an absolute beauty. bunch of funny shit came out of his mouth. anyways i definitly recommend you give it a watch, it'll make you laugh. plus the end of the movie will definitly get your imagination going...
you'll see, its dope

hi ho hi ho

so the other day i got a call back for a job interview to some restaurant. so i thought it would be a good idea to check out the menu before hand to see what i had gotten myself into. the menu was pretty intense so i was kinda tripping out. the restaurant itself is actually in a 5 star hotel in the heart of yorkville, where all the celebs apparently go. haha so i went to the interview a little early. dressed pretty casual. poked my head in quickly to see what i was dealing with....and shit. everyones rocking two piece suits. kinda shrugged it off and had the interview anyways. the sous chef was dope, just shot the shit about the olympics and what not. ended up getting hired on the spot. so now i cook with some elite chefs. should be good fun for sure, plus its close only like a 35 min walk from my house so i dont have to buy a metro pass! booooom!

One Restaurant at the Hazelton Hotel

Monday, April 5, 2010

mothers dumplings

so rom had been telling me about this chinese dumpling place called mothers dumplings, that gets crazy good reviews. me being a food lover and a definite lover of dim sum, i needed to go to this joint. so saturday night before basketball we went there so i could give the place my own personal review. so for starters ordered a seaweed salad. not the ordinary seaweed salad you would get from a sushi restaurant. darker in color and less of that sweet taste. finely chopped garlic, ginger and red chillis mixed throughout give a great basic flavouring.next came shrimp, egg, and chive steamed dumplings. very straight forward and very delicious. the actual dumpling itself was really light and not thick and gluey as they can be sometimes. these were my fav out of the bunch.next after one set of dumplings came a beef bun. i would have preferred a bbq pork bun because those are my fav but they didnt have them. the beef in the bum was unreal. so juicy, so tender, and soooooo much flavour. i would highly reccomend this.after the beef bun came some boiled dumplings. these were the vegitarian chive and noodle dumplings. again the actual dumpling itself was great but this time the fillings werent as good. over packed with chives, i didnt even notice noodles.and the last dumplings we got were some beef and chive steamed ones. these ones were mediocore for me. i thought the beef tasted strange. not a bad strange just strange haha hard to describe.the aftermath
people leave testimonials. my favorite was "ate so much it hurt" and "your dumplings are so INTENSE!"
anyways i really wanna go back and try some other things on their menu. they have a decent selection of pancakes which sound good and same with a couple soups. check the website if you need directions. they also have to go stuff, so you can cook it at home if you would like to but come on, its more fun when someone cooks for you.

sunshine lollipops

another week has gone by and this one was quite a doozy. jordan came out east from vancouver tuesday morning to visit julie for the week. lucky for him the weather forecast for the whole and was to be blue skies and heat. so needless to say, beer and whiskey became a necessity. tuesday night we hung out in the sun all day, drank a few beers here and there then went to bed early. wednesday i was planning on staying in, but around 9pm jordan started calling me a boner and told me to come out. crushed a couple glasses of whiskey and headed to sneaky dees. the rest was a trainwreck. $3 beers. woke up on the couch... thursday i thought i was going to die. hadnt been that hungover in a long time, so chilled in the backyard all day long, temps reached 19 degrees or something awesome. sat in the sun all day and then the girls were hosting a party. people started showing up around 530ish. i couldnt even think of drinking but had a beer and then got my head in the right track. party got pretty big and julies friend cailyn came out for the toronto rock lacrosse game friday night. neighbours came over around 2am and wanted the music shut down. so we called it quits. friday night we headed to the toronto rock game. id never been to an NLL before it was pretty dope. went home after that and caught up on some sleep. saturday was a no drink day. went for a little dinner date with rom, then came back to the house and watched ncaa all night. won both bets. i feel bad for west virginia's d'sean butler...torn acl and sprained mci. tough luck. just relaxed sunday and now i cant wait to watch bulter vs duke tonight. im assuming its going to be duke for the win but i really want butler to put up a good fight and hopefully pull through. well see i guess

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hostile old farts

today was an amazing day. 18 degrees and just a bluebird. so around 4pm went out onto our street and was just chilling. busted out the skateboard and farted around for like 30min. in that 30 minutes, i had three different neighbours tell me i shouldnt be skateboarding...saaaay what? and its not even like they were nice about, they sounded like complete pricks. i dont get it. i wasnt smoking crack or selling crack to kids. it blows my mind that me skateboarding in the middle of the day makes people angry. so next time, im going to bust out my big bag of meth and a fresh lightbulb, smoke my meth, and skate to necro's "eat shit and die"...ahah well see how well that goes down.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the final four

NCAA march madness is near the end. were down to the final four now. Butler vs. Michigan St and Duke vs West Virginia. i call Bulter vs West Virginia in the final match on the 5th. and then Butler with the upset. wonder what bodog is giving the game...remember this?

kansas destroys in OT and won me a bunch of money, haha awesome

Monday, March 29, 2010


right before i came over to toronto, my iphone bonked out. reset itself and came back to life in spanish. i dont know much spanish, actually to be honest all i know how to say is my dog is on fire. trust me, it comes in handy. anyways i figured it out and got the phone working again and in english to boot. but i had no apps and all that other useless crap that i had before. last night i cruised the app store checking out all the free junk i could upload to my phone. surprisingly enough i found some really sweet ones. i downloaded two different video camera apps. the first lagged to the max and the videos were terrible but the second one went swimmingly. smooth movement and the sound quality was really good. im really stoked on that to say the least. i feel kinda sick right now, ate some skittles and a skor bar and i just watched fear and loathing in las vegas. the candy made me feel like shit, not the movie. the movie made me want to go on a road trip to vegas. maybe minus the copious amount of lsd and other drugs. maybe. man i miss vegas, i think i need to head back there soon while its summer time so all the pools are open. speaking of summer, its supposed to get up to 22 degrees thursday and friday! the lawn furniture are out from the last hot week, so starting tomorrow the lounging starts. hopefully i get a phone call about a job soon though, im getting tired of the intrawebz. cool story bro. tl;dr.


ive lost it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Today

Soooooo its Sunday. Went out last night to a birthday gathering. got home was fine, then got craaaaaaazy spins when going to bed. ha i guess theres a first time for everything, anyways tripped me out and passed out. Jordan comes out on tuesday for a week, so should be a very unproductive week to come. anyways being unemployed is a terrible feeling and just a hard thing to do. having no income and just watching the bank account slowly dwindle blows. but with all this free time its given me a ton of time to catch up on tv, which i rarely watch. watched that how to make it in america show and almost regret doing so. bunch of old hipsters that go to cool parties get drunk and try to make a streetwear company...called crisp to boot. what a bunch of shit. But on a good note, ive watched Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara and those are actually two of the best hbo series ive seen. nurse jackie is a nurse (obviously) addicted to perscription drugs and lives two entirely different lives. united states of tara is about this chick with multiple personalities and stops taking her meds and all the crazy things that ensue. you should give em a watch either online or just on hbo if youve got it! now to be even lazier on the laziest day of the week. in starwars we trust.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

soooo sloww

the vegan place didnt work out, hungover and most likely didnt make a good impression. the night before we had gone out to some bar for canadian music week. saw this dude who went by the name diamond rings...julies new best friend haha
john and chelsea drove the pathfinder from vancouver to our place in toronto in 3 days without having the old bugger break down. so now its parked here for a bit, until after july when me julie and rom are gonna roadtrip it back through canada. st patricks day was chill, drinks in the sun, my face got sun burnt, and then went to some dudes house. plan was to go on a pub crawl, but most of us got lazy and we just hung out there for the evening. and now its friday today but it feels like monday for some reason. i still have nothin to do all day ahha but ive got a trial shift at some skateshop on queen st tomorrow so thats looking good. supposed to get up to 18 degrees today. wooooop

Friday, March 12, 2010

yo yo yo yo

nothing to really update on. toronto has been good fun thus far. lots of sun and now the rain starts today for a couple days. got a job interview tomorrow at a vegan restaurant haha would be dope tho. wish me luck..

Friday, March 5, 2010


went for thai food last night. always overpriced but oh so worth it. thai food is pretty much my fav. could live off a good green curry for years. i couldnt justify payin $15 for a padthai because thats just not right. anyways, got myself a spicy green curry with chicken, eggplant and other veg. what drink goes best with curry you may be thinking to yourself? chang beer! Chada Thai imports Chang straight from thailand! as i ate my curry and sipped my beer it took me back to koh phi phi hanging out in this little beat up restaurant called papayas. cats would hang out in the fridge there cause it was so hot.

changs with the hommies- koh phangnan, thailand - full moon party

i just finished my last bit of laundry, packed my bag, off to lunch with the gramps, then to dinner with the fam, and then bar with the dudes...then 7am flight, ugggggghhhhh.

laters vancouver, be good

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

watching the ships roll in

man, i havent worked for almost a week and a half now, i dont have a car anymore, and everyones back at school. i have never been so bored. youtube has literally been my best friend haha its terrible. i was thinking about what i was doing last year, and this exact day last year i woke up at 430am said goodbye to clinton and left sydney with 3 nearly complete strangers and headed down to melbourne. oh how i miss australia weather. 3 days to toronto though, so booom.


my thai bracelet just broke. fucking cheesed. i dont even know what to do right now.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

take a walk

the banana is a better picture than people shooting up.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a quick few days

to be honest, im way to lazy to type alot so theres just gonna be some pictures and ill leave alot up to you. iphone pictures are less than par for the most part. the weekend starts like this. friday morning'ish i get a call from my boss. even though i had already quit and was working my final two weeks, they gave me the boot early. at least i got a weeks pay for nothing.
granville street zoo friday night. city of vancouver issued all liqour stores to close at 6:30pm now to limit drinking in public. ba humbug. hung out under the cambie street bridge for a while. got our troll on.
facing west from the bridge. vancouver is purdddy.
got a text sunday. josh wanted to go to his cabin in whistler. fuck yeah. watched brodeur play like an idiot and headed up to whistler around 9pm. a few drinks later and it was monday.
woke up at 2 in the afternoon, the troops gathered and we headed to the village. not even that crazy. was craving an extra spicy caesar so went to the longhorns patio, they wanted $5 cover...
picked up some drinks and headed back to joshs place. watched some olympic junk and took a quick disco nap. woke up and played landmines for an hour and then went back to the village for the free chromeo concert.
at chromeo they had a snowboard and ski show as well. dudes jumping through rings of fire over a 30 foot table. peanuts. anyways show was pretty good. met up with some more hommies and my new soon to be roomate. brought everyone back to joshs and had a gay ol time.

literally. nah, bro dudes dont get gay.
im officially in countdown mode. 10 more days till the coldness of toronto.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


if you have seen any olympic coverage you can see that in vancouver winter is long gone. its been 10-13 degrees almost everyday and clear blue skies. its spring now if you ask me. with spring comes skateboarding. heres two transworld parts to get you in the mood. start with TNT...when i first saw inbloom when i was in middleschool or whenever it came out, this was and forever will be one video parts i will remember. rips shit upppppp.

and malto is just what i wish i could be. end of story.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

the bad kind of pressed

february 14 sucks. but van mo mo is po

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a series of fortunate events

headed downtown to pick my mstrkrft tickets up from the chick who was giving them to me. me and justin took quick stop to the redbull lounge. all the athletes were at opening ceremonies so it was just a half dozen or so staff hanging out watching them on the boobtube. got to try that redbull cola for the first time. not so good. anyways had a couple drinks courtesy of work and headed to the streets. my boss called me and offered a couple tickets to the molson canadian hockey house. got there just in time to see the end of the ceremonies. had numerous beers. ran into the owner of the company i work for. by then i was pretty drunk and he was asking me why i was quitting. who knows what came out of my mouth. but im pretty sure i said i would have to talk to him later. after a couple more drinks headed over to gossip to meet up with the bro dudes. then headed to mstrkrft. party party party. got home at 6:30am just woke up and time to head back out again. lifes tough.

.molson house.


cliff notes: telling your boss when you quit that you will give a formal letter explaining how she fucked up will ultimately lead to her giving you free tickets and free things to hopefully soften the blow. i will always take the free stuff but the letter will not change, i still hate you. just not as much.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

hey hey what can i do

today could very well be last night day working for redbull. a short but sweet 5 month fling with both its ups and downs. but i have finally come to the end of my rope and cant deal with the petty shit that goes down. i was lucky enough to get the job shortly after my return from backpacking and at first it was a dream job. meet and greets with all the owners, gm's, bartenders, and etc. at all the downtown vancouver clubs and bars. hook them up and treat them well and they will never let you have a bad time at their venue. a month back or so when i got a new boss is when things started imploding. and the whole lead up to the olympic bullshit has driven the crazy even crazier. hate the job now. can barely drag myself out of bed to go to it everyday. the only thing i actually do enjoy is driving to and from work and driving around from club to club. just turn my music on loud, turn my phone on vibrate and relax. its a dream. but on a plus note the networking i was able to do through the company was unreal and any time a big night is due i can just get on the horn to some of the new found hommiesss. plus the whole thing at Gossip nightclub called INK'D which is going on for the olympics, bringing in big dj's for a week or so straight everynight. tickets are stupidly expensive but i know the chick who is doing all ticket stuff. so boom. mstrkrft tomorrow night, should be a treat minus the $13 redbull vodkas... i just hope i dont miss aoki this time.

1 2 wooop wooop.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

fuck vanoc

i hate the fact that the olympics are in vancouver. maybe its because i got sewered into working midnight to 5am every weekday for the month of feb but either way i despise the whole thing. obviously vancouver has a serious dilemma with snow issues but honestly i want to know where the 900 million dollars worth of security is. thats a bigger dilemma. last night i needed to get to three of the big venues; canada hockey house, irish pavillion, and the casino along the water which are all a "VANOC ONLY" restricted area. i drive up to the so called security, who are sitting in the middle of pacific blvd , in my white rapist cube van with garbage bags covering my back windows. they ask me where im going and what im doing. i say i am dropping some redbull off to the casino. thats it. now im in all the highly restricted zones. a little down the road, i go through another security check point. a giant white tent, three lanes wide and full off more volunteers and maybe have a dozen rcmp. they get me out. search me with one of those metal detectors and search under my van with a mirror. they dont once look in my van or ask me whats inside. which thank god cause other wise they would have found my massive bag of coke and all the dead hookers i had laying around... anyways. then i was on my own cruising from spot to spot in all the downtown "red zones". it just blows my mind. i could have had anything sort of contraband or bomb or who the fuck knows what and they would never have even found it. with all these volunteers around town, doing security for free at venues, they cant be dishing out 900 mill to all the extra cops they bring in. thats doesnt make sense to me, but what do i know. maybe megatron will be patrolling granville street, hes probably pretty expensive to hire for this kinda gig.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Roxy and Dennis

a few months back i was so so close to getting a dog from the spca. ive had dogs my whole life so just assumed i could manage. im dog sitting right now...hahaha. its not as fun as it would seem. maybe its cause rom's dog are kinda high maintenance. dennis is the dog equivalent to zeus himself. and rox...shes is just in love with me so she always wants to hang out. so after this 2 day fiasco of dog walking and feeding, and picking up their shits, i am most certainly not going to adopt a dog. maybe a few years down the road.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

tune TUNE tune

The Twelves Essential Mix from BBC radio 1. i am pretty picky when it comes to esstential mixes. it can never or at least barely contain any dubstep is a must! and secondly its just got to be one of those things you plug into and it gets you into insta-party mode. Just check out the tracklist for the twelves mix though, its mind bottling.

sup plaayaaaas

im back. i forgot how boring blogspot templates are. anyways i'm working graveyard shifts during the Olympics so i figure i am going to have way to much free time on my hands during the day. one can only masterbate for so long. welcome back fuckers.