Monday, June 14, 2010

been another couple weeks since i posted last. anyways a quick sum up of mostly everything. kharan came from ottawa to spend a day and night with me here. went out the night before and almost slept through my alarm. woke up last and had to rush to the train station. once there it took us another 30 minutes probably to find each other. pretty useless. gave him a quick tour of downtown and cmae back to the house. bought a bbq at walmart and stocked up on beer. kharan, julie, and myself had a good little bbq and some drinks then headed to a friends for a birthday gathering. a few days after that rom's aunt hooked me up with a bike so i can cruise the streets again. i cant remember if i said earlier, my tires got slashed at work one night, and i just dumped it on the street instead of walking it home. been working lots. then on the 11th went to rom's convocation. she officially graduated! very stoked! went out to dinner with her fam and then went out later that night wih the other grads to the bar for a few more drinks. the next day, woke up at 10am to watch world cup action. not the most exciting game but whatever. then went to sneaky dees in the afternoon to watch england play the states. after a few pitchers throughout the day, went home and passed out for a couple hours. woke up and then went to castle grey skull for a going away party. came home later and went to bed. woke up the next morning, watched some more soccer, and then zroy showed up at the house. went skating with a couple dudes out of the downtown core. sick park just wasnt in the mood really. it was so humid and it must have looked like i had just been swimming. sat on the subway, stinky and sweaty, got home showered and it was time for a party. we were having a little shaker at the house, to celebrate julies birthday and rom's moms birthday and also a celebration for the grads. cooked some hot dogs, drank some beers, and even ate some ice cream cake. woke up this morning feeling not so hot but whatever. drank enough beer this weekend to last me the end of the month. went to work after 3 days off and got my pay stub. 121.75 hours in the past 2 weeks. yikes. anyways off to bed then off to work again tomorrow.

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