Tuesday, June 1, 2010


been so hot lately. in the 30s and sunny. shame ive been working tons but still didnt stop me from getting a lobster burn one day. discovered this double chocolate stout. puts kilkenny and guiness to shame
im no longer working morning shifts at work. sad thing is no more french toast. good thing is i can sleep in and go in around 2. boom.
havent had a chance to skate lately. just been too tired and with the heat, screw that. still dont have a new board, ive got two boards ive had two sessions with and now both have giant cracks. it sucks. but kharan is coming over friday from ottawa to visit for a day so i think well go tear up my local temp park.
went over to zachs place did some bbq'n. eat that shrimp, eat that shrimp.
pretty much been too lazy to blog, so yeah consider yourself lucky i did this

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