Friday, April 16, 2010


my friend from montreal, who is living in australia right now just hit me up with some serious news when he found out im in toronto. THE WORLD POUTINE EATING CHAMPIONSHIP! holy shit. i love eating. i love poutine. i love eating so much that i feel like im going to burst. by no means am i a pro but i think i could give the other competitors a run for their money. hopefully its sometime in the summer.

got work today but a post of the week to come shortly

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

thats it thats all

after a pretty exciting final round of the masters at augusta national, phil mickelsen comes out on top and takes home another green jacket. very well deserving, especially after his eagle eagle birdie in round three. glad he nailed that final putt on 18 too, was a good finish.

start my first shift tomorrow at the restaurant. not looking forward to working and waking up anytime before 10am but the bank account is near e and by the end of the month id be sucking the fumes out of the bottem of the tank. on a high note, the 4th person from home is coming to visit for a couple days. andrew havabowlofjello on his way to denmark and has a layover in t.o. for two days. so he gets here tomorrow evening after being in the bahamas for a bit, so good news is he is bringing some duty free vodka!!! wooooooooop. me, ange, and the girls are heading to the bluejays game on wednesday. $11 per budget. i honestly cannot remember for the life of me if i have ever been to a baseball game. but i cant say im even into baseball, its not something that strikes me as too interesting but apparently games are pretty fun. either way, since its a baseball game, i know for a fact that there will be beer and hot dogs and more than enough yelling, it'll be a gay ole time indeed.

number 3 is my fav

day 4

its the final round of the masters. its just coming on the tube right now. i called lee westwood before first day tee off to a friend to take the tourny down. he may not play the best throughout the year but he always seems to play really well at majors though. if you know me, you know how i feel about tiger. i know he is a good player...but hes a bum. this obviously has nothing to do with his some what recent scandal because in all honesty who cares what he did. hes not so perfect afterall...nobody is. and lay off of him for dumb shit. people are freaking because he swore after a bad shot...give him a break, cameras, microphones in his face all day and the whole world waiting for him to screw up and he did by saying fuck. haha whatever but i know he wont win, hes too shaky off the tee and sprays left and rigth every other hole. id like to see k.j choi make a solid run at the leaders and put up a fight. i guess we will see .

and not to forget, tom watson! holy hell, hes 60. get put up a seriously good number on round number 1, too bad he couldnt keep it up.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Old Spice

Dont know if you have seen these but these make me laugh. terry is boss.

hot tub time machine

went to Hot Tub Time Machine last night at rainbow cinemas toonie tuesday. it was good. the whole premise of the movie is quite dumb to start with so i wasnt expecting too much. but the jokes in it were hilarious and some funny stuff happened. chevy chase makes a few cameos too. rob corddry's character lou was an absolute beauty. bunch of funny shit came out of his mouth. anyways i definitly recommend you give it a watch, it'll make you laugh. plus the end of the movie will definitly get your imagination going...
you'll see, its dope

hi ho hi ho

so the other day i got a call back for a job interview to some restaurant. so i thought it would be a good idea to check out the menu before hand to see what i had gotten myself into. the menu was pretty intense so i was kinda tripping out. the restaurant itself is actually in a 5 star hotel in the heart of yorkville, where all the celebs apparently go. haha so i went to the interview a little early. dressed pretty casual. poked my head in quickly to see what i was dealing with....and shit. everyones rocking two piece suits. kinda shrugged it off and had the interview anyways. the sous chef was dope, just shot the shit about the olympics and what not. ended up getting hired on the spot. so now i cook with some elite chefs. should be good fun for sure, plus its close only like a 35 min walk from my house so i dont have to buy a metro pass! booooom!

One Restaurant at the Hazelton Hotel

Monday, April 5, 2010

mothers dumplings

so rom had been telling me about this chinese dumpling place called mothers dumplings, that gets crazy good reviews. me being a food lover and a definite lover of dim sum, i needed to go to this joint. so saturday night before basketball we went there so i could give the place my own personal review. so for starters ordered a seaweed salad. not the ordinary seaweed salad you would get from a sushi restaurant. darker in color and less of that sweet taste. finely chopped garlic, ginger and red chillis mixed throughout give a great basic came shrimp, egg, and chive steamed dumplings. very straight forward and very delicious. the actual dumpling itself was really light and not thick and gluey as they can be sometimes. these were my fav out of the after one set of dumplings came a beef bun. i would have preferred a bbq pork bun because those are my fav but they didnt have them. the beef in the bum was unreal. so juicy, so tender, and soooooo much flavour. i would highly reccomend this.after the beef bun came some boiled dumplings. these were the vegitarian chive and noodle dumplings. again the actual dumpling itself was great but this time the fillings werent as good. over packed with chives, i didnt even notice noodles.and the last dumplings we got were some beef and chive steamed ones. these ones were mediocore for me. i thought the beef tasted strange. not a bad strange just strange haha hard to describe.the aftermath
people leave testimonials. my favorite was "ate so much it hurt" and "your dumplings are so INTENSE!"
anyways i really wanna go back and try some other things on their menu. they have a decent selection of pancakes which sound good and same with a couple soups. check the website if you need directions. they also have to go stuff, so you can cook it at home if you would like to but come on, its more fun when someone cooks for you.

sunshine lollipops

another week has gone by and this one was quite a doozy. jordan came out east from vancouver tuesday morning to visit julie for the week. lucky for him the weather forecast for the whole and was to be blue skies and heat. so needless to say, beer and whiskey became a necessity. tuesday night we hung out in the sun all day, drank a few beers here and there then went to bed early. wednesday i was planning on staying in, but around 9pm jordan started calling me a boner and told me to come out. crushed a couple glasses of whiskey and headed to sneaky dees. the rest was a trainwreck. $3 beers. woke up on the couch... thursday i thought i was going to die. hadnt been that hungover in a long time, so chilled in the backyard all day long, temps reached 19 degrees or something awesome. sat in the sun all day and then the girls were hosting a party. people started showing up around 530ish. i couldnt even think of drinking but had a beer and then got my head in the right track. party got pretty big and julies friend cailyn came out for the toronto rock lacrosse game friday night. neighbours came over around 2am and wanted the music shut down. so we called it quits. friday night we headed to the toronto rock game. id never been to an NLL before it was pretty dope. went home after that and caught up on some sleep. saturday was a no drink day. went for a little dinner date with rom, then came back to the house and watched ncaa all night. won both bets. i feel bad for west virginia's d'sean butler...torn acl and sprained mci. tough luck. just relaxed sunday and now i cant wait to watch bulter vs duke tonight. im assuming its going to be duke for the win but i really want butler to put up a good fight and hopefully pull through. well see i guess