Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

take a walk

the banana is a better picture than people shooting up.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a quick few days

to be honest, im way to lazy to type alot so theres just gonna be some pictures and ill leave alot up to you. iphone pictures are less than par for the most part. the weekend starts like this. friday morning'ish i get a call from my boss. even though i had already quit and was working my final two weeks, they gave me the boot early. at least i got a weeks pay for nothing.
granville street zoo friday night. city of vancouver issued all liqour stores to close at 6:30pm now to limit drinking in public. ba humbug. hung out under the cambie street bridge for a while. got our troll on.
facing west from the bridge. vancouver is purdddy.
got a text sunday. josh wanted to go to his cabin in whistler. fuck yeah. watched brodeur play like an idiot and headed up to whistler around 9pm. a few drinks later and it was monday.
woke up at 2 in the afternoon, the troops gathered and we headed to the village. not even that crazy. was craving an extra spicy caesar so went to the longhorns patio, they wanted $5 cover...
picked up some drinks and headed back to joshs place. watched some olympic junk and took a quick disco nap. woke up and played landmines for an hour and then went back to the village for the free chromeo concert.
at chromeo they had a snowboard and ski show as well. dudes jumping through rings of fire over a 30 foot table. peanuts. anyways show was pretty good. met up with some more hommies and my new soon to be roomate. brought everyone back to joshs and had a gay ol time.

literally. nah, bro dudes dont get gay.
im officially in countdown mode. 10 more days till the coldness of toronto.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


if you have seen any olympic coverage you can see that in vancouver winter is long gone. its been 10-13 degrees almost everyday and clear blue skies. its spring now if you ask me. with spring comes skateboarding. heres two transworld parts to get you in the mood. start with TNT...when i first saw inbloom when i was in middleschool or whenever it came out, this was and forever will be one video parts i will remember. rips shit upppppp.

and malto is just what i wish i could be. end of story.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

the bad kind of pressed

february 14 sucks. but van mo mo is po

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a series of fortunate events

headed downtown to pick my mstrkrft tickets up from the chick who was giving them to me. me and justin took quick stop to the redbull lounge. all the athletes were at opening ceremonies so it was just a half dozen or so staff hanging out watching them on the boobtube. got to try that redbull cola for the first time. not so good. anyways had a couple drinks courtesy of work and headed to the streets. my boss called me and offered a couple tickets to the molson canadian hockey house. got there just in time to see the end of the ceremonies. had numerous beers. ran into the owner of the company i work for. by then i was pretty drunk and he was asking me why i was quitting. who knows what came out of my mouth. but im pretty sure i said i would have to talk to him later. after a couple more drinks headed over to gossip to meet up with the bro dudes. then headed to mstrkrft. party party party. got home at 6:30am just woke up and time to head back out again. lifes tough.

.molson house.


cliff notes: telling your boss when you quit that you will give a formal letter explaining how she fucked up will ultimately lead to her giving you free tickets and free things to hopefully soften the blow. i will always take the free stuff but the letter will not change, i still hate you. just not as much.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

hey hey what can i do

today could very well be last night day working for redbull. a short but sweet 5 month fling with both its ups and downs. but i have finally come to the end of my rope and cant deal with the petty shit that goes down. i was lucky enough to get the job shortly after my return from backpacking and at first it was a dream job. meet and greets with all the owners, gm's, bartenders, and etc. at all the downtown vancouver clubs and bars. hook them up and treat them well and they will never let you have a bad time at their venue. a month back or so when i got a new boss is when things started imploding. and the whole lead up to the olympic bullshit has driven the crazy even crazier. hate the job now. can barely drag myself out of bed to go to it everyday. the only thing i actually do enjoy is driving to and from work and driving around from club to club. just turn my music on loud, turn my phone on vibrate and relax. its a dream. but on a plus note the networking i was able to do through the company was unreal and any time a big night is due i can just get on the horn to some of the new found hommiesss. plus the whole thing at Gossip nightclub called INK'D which is going on for the olympics, bringing in big dj's for a week or so straight everynight. tickets are stupidly expensive but i know the chick who is doing all ticket stuff. so boom. mstrkrft tomorrow night, should be a treat minus the $13 redbull vodkas... i just hope i dont miss aoki this time.

1 2 wooop wooop.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

fuck vanoc

i hate the fact that the olympics are in vancouver. maybe its because i got sewered into working midnight to 5am every weekday for the month of feb but either way i despise the whole thing. obviously vancouver has a serious dilemma with snow issues but honestly i want to know where the 900 million dollars worth of security is. thats a bigger dilemma. last night i needed to get to three of the big venues; canada hockey house, irish pavillion, and the casino along the water which are all a "VANOC ONLY" restricted area. i drive up to the so called security, who are sitting in the middle of pacific blvd , in my white rapist cube van with garbage bags covering my back windows. they ask me where im going and what im doing. i say i am dropping some redbull off to the casino. thats it. now im in all the highly restricted zones. a little down the road, i go through another security check point. a giant white tent, three lanes wide and full off more volunteers and maybe have a dozen rcmp. they get me out. search me with one of those metal detectors and search under my van with a mirror. they dont once look in my van or ask me whats inside. which thank god cause other wise they would have found my massive bag of coke and all the dead hookers i had laying around... anyways. then i was on my own cruising from spot to spot in all the downtown "red zones". it just blows my mind. i could have had anything sort of contraband or bomb or who the fuck knows what and they would never have even found it. with all these volunteers around town, doing security for free at venues, they cant be dishing out 900 mill to all the extra cops they bring in. thats doesnt make sense to me, but what do i know. maybe megatron will be patrolling granville street, hes probably pretty expensive to hire for this kinda gig.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Roxy and Dennis

a few months back i was so so close to getting a dog from the spca. ive had dogs my whole life so just assumed i could manage. im dog sitting right now...hahaha. its not as fun as it would seem. maybe its cause rom's dog are kinda high maintenance. dennis is the dog equivalent to zeus himself. and rox...shes is just in love with me so she always wants to hang out. so after this 2 day fiasco of dog walking and feeding, and picking up their shits, i am most certainly not going to adopt a dog. maybe a few years down the road.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

tune TUNE tune

The Twelves Essential Mix from BBC radio 1. i am pretty picky when it comes to esstential mixes. it can never or at least barely contain any dubstep is a must! and secondly its just got to be one of those things you plug into and it gets you into insta-party mode. Just check out the tracklist for the twelves mix though, its mind bottling.

sup plaayaaaas

im back. i forgot how boring blogspot templates are. anyways i'm working graveyard shifts during the Olympics so i figure i am going to have way to much free time on my hands during the day. one can only masterbate for so long. welcome back fuckers.