Sunday, May 23, 2010

i vaaaaant

stussy...ugh havent bought anything in so long

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010


if you died tomorrow would you be happy how you lived your life?

a woman at work asked me this, and after sitting on it for a few days, i think i have lived exceptionally well the 21 years ive been on this planet.
my first day in bondi, sitting on the beach with haig checking out the local surf
bondi beach- october 2008

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

exit through the gift shop

banksy's movie "exit through the gift shop" started playing in toronto on friday. and over the weekend, it seems like he has put some of his stencils up around the city. apparently there are a few scattered around the back alleys of china town but many have already been painted over.
check the movie out! im thinking about heading to see it on my day off. in other movie news, i have heard from too many people that ironman 2 was terrible so i refuse to pay to see it.
good day

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mom day

happy mothers day. sorry im not around for the second year in a row. ill be at dinner in spirit.

love your son

Saturday, May 8, 2010


the liqour stores here sell a huge variety of tall boy cans for cheap. ive been looking for a new good brew. kronenbourg has been a favorite for a long time so i still buy the occassional one. i got two different kinds of czech beers. one was a 7% and the other had a goat holding a pint, and that was enough reason for me to buy the beer. either way i didnt like the goat beer so much and the 7% wasnt bad but wasnt something i liked. ive got a lots of names to go through so ill let you know when i find some good ones

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the swag wags

toyota trying to bounce back from all their car defects by making stupid videos? haha its funny and stupid. dont know if that changes peoples minds though.

escape the plastic beach

tuesday was my second and final day off before i go back to work for 5 days with long ass hours. zroy hooked me up with a board that he gets from the park he rides for. didnt have an exacto knife, so did the true hood shit and cut the grip using my debit card. believe it. anyways busted out the pathfinder after a slight hibernation and drove out to missisauga and met up with him. went to this park called iceland, it was chill. ended up breaking my kingpin. so he knew a shop close by where they hooked me up with a free kingpin, problem is this kingpin didnt fit my indy trucks so i got a pair of shitty ventures from the shopowner that some kid left behind a while back. so we went to a different park. skated there a while, learned backnose grind bigspin out. cracked the nose of my board. then later on playing a little game of line skate, cracked my board again doing kickflip front board. bullshit. good skate day and a bad skate day all in one. rom headed back to vancouver for the next 5 days so my plan is pretty much to work long ridiculous hours to pass the time. having a couple friends over tonight though to watch the game. lets go nucks!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

baaaaaaaa logggggg naaaaaa

went to a sports bar last night to watch the canucks play the blackhawks in game two of the series. started strong, then by the end of the first we started playing like shit. and blackhawks tie it up and then you obviously know the rest. its bullshit. and we got these $14 nachos which would barely feed a baby, that was the icing on the bullshit cake. off the the value village and salvation store to hopefully find some gems. wish me luck.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

two LOOOOOONG weeeeeeeks

been two weeks since ive last posted...time flies. i am honestly way too lazy right now to do anything too. so heres pictures from my phone. enjoy. ange came to toronto on a layover before catching his flight to denmark. brought some rum from the bahamas. drank that and headed to the jays game. the season opener the day before sold out to the max, this game had 11000 people in attendance.weak.
weather has been decent lately. so cruised craigslist and picked up a bike for $25. so budget. except for its falling apart and can barely ride.
went out for beers with zach.
after a couple pitchers, headed back for a tour of his place. got to see his little studio and hear some new tracks.
rom officially finished her last exam april 20. met up with her and the other journalist grads at the bar around 2. got drunk and had a ball. coincidently it was 4.20, and dundas square had quite a big gathering. couple minutes before 420, someone supposedly pulled a gun out in the middle of the huge group. watched from the bar patio as people booked it every direction. after the bar went for sushi and biked to high park to chill. got cold quite and headed home, worked the next morning.
been skating lots lately. met up with z-roy, headed to the temp skatepark. skated all day and had a couple drinks at the park. biked to the beer store picked up 40s and went back to z-roys. watched some skate flicks and played some intense chess. next day rolled back to the park, skated for a bit, then skated street with some randoms. found some sick spots and a couple good flicks. went and played nazi zombies for a while and went skating again. my legs took a beating and couple walk for a couple days after that.
r.i.p. melvin fancy pants.been working like crazy. 90+ hours in the past two weeks. cant complain though, needed the money. went out for nachos and burritos to a mexican restaurant close by. awesome nachos and stupidly spicy salsa.
weather has been nice, so been spending a few minutes hanging at christie pitts park when i get the chance. big baseball game there today. rogers was there filming, didnt get a chance to watch though.
just a sweet poster at castle grey skull worked a 12 hour day and was dead tired. passed out and woke up at 7 to go back to work for another 9 hours. got home. watched the canucks kick the shit out of the blackhawks. had a couple friends over and had a few drinks. me and julie stuck beer caps on our foreheads and bet whose could stay on longer. i won. she had to do pushups. aint no off work today, came home and showered. hoped on the bike and me and rom biked around town. roamed through the crazy rich parts of town and saw some dream houses...

ahhh back to reality. got the next two days off. gonna get another skateboard cause mines thrashed since ive been skating lots lately. tear up some parks out in the burbs hopefully as long as the weather cooperates. ill post again in a couple days. later