Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hostile old farts

today was an amazing day. 18 degrees and just a bluebird. so around 4pm went out onto our street and was just chilling. busted out the skateboard and farted around for like 30min. in that 30 minutes, i had three different neighbours tell me i shouldnt be skateboarding...saaaay what? and its not even like they were nice about, they sounded like complete pricks. i dont get it. i wasnt smoking crack or selling crack to kids. it blows my mind that me skateboarding in the middle of the day makes people angry. so next time, im going to bust out my big bag of meth and a fresh lightbulb, smoke my meth, and skate to necro's "eat shit and die"...ahah well see how well that goes down.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the final four

NCAA march madness is near the end. were down to the final four now. Butler vs. Michigan St and Duke vs West Virginia. i call Bulter vs West Virginia in the final match on the 5th. and then Butler with the upset. wonder what bodog is giving the game...remember this?

kansas destroys in OT and won me a bunch of money, haha awesome

Monday, March 29, 2010


right before i came over to toronto, my iphone bonked out. reset itself and came back to life in spanish. i dont know much spanish, actually to be honest all i know how to say is my dog is on fire. trust me, it comes in handy. anyways i figured it out and got the phone working again and in english to boot. but i had no apps and all that other useless crap that i had before. last night i cruised the app store checking out all the free junk i could upload to my phone. surprisingly enough i found some really sweet ones. i downloaded two different video camera apps. the first lagged to the max and the videos were terrible but the second one went swimmingly. smooth movement and the sound quality was really good. im really stoked on that to say the least. i feel kinda sick right now, ate some skittles and a skor bar and i just watched fear and loathing in las vegas. the candy made me feel like shit, not the movie. the movie made me want to go on a road trip to vegas. maybe minus the copious amount of lsd and other drugs. maybe. man i miss vegas, i think i need to head back there soon while its summer time so all the pools are open. speaking of summer, its supposed to get up to 22 degrees thursday and friday! the lawn furniture are out from the last hot week, so starting tomorrow the lounging starts. hopefully i get a phone call about a job soon though, im getting tired of the intrawebz. cool story bro. tl;dr.


ive lost it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Today

Soooooo its Sunday. Went out last night to a birthday gathering. got home was fine, then got craaaaaaazy spins when going to bed. ha i guess theres a first time for everything, anyways tripped me out and passed out. Jordan comes out on tuesday for a week, so should be a very unproductive week to come. anyways being unemployed is a terrible feeling and just a hard thing to do. having no income and just watching the bank account slowly dwindle blows. but with all this free time its given me a ton of time to catch up on tv, which i rarely watch. watched that how to make it in america show and almost regret doing so. bunch of old hipsters that go to cool parties get drunk and try to make a streetwear company...called crisp to boot. what a bunch of shit. But on a good note, ive watched Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara and those are actually two of the best hbo series ive seen. nurse jackie is a nurse (obviously) addicted to perscription drugs and lives two entirely different lives. united states of tara is about this chick with multiple personalities and stops taking her meds and all the crazy things that ensue. you should give em a watch either online or just on hbo if youve got it! now to be even lazier on the laziest day of the week. in starwars we trust.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

soooo sloww

the vegan place didnt work out, hungover and most likely didnt make a good impression. the night before we had gone out to some bar for canadian music week. saw this dude who went by the name diamond rings...julies new best friend haha
john and chelsea drove the pathfinder from vancouver to our place in toronto in 3 days without having the old bugger break down. so now its parked here for a bit, until after july when me julie and rom are gonna roadtrip it back through canada. st patricks day was chill, drinks in the sun, my face got sun burnt, and then went to some dudes house. plan was to go on a pub crawl, but most of us got lazy and we just hung out there for the evening. and now its friday today but it feels like monday for some reason. i still have nothin to do all day ahha but ive got a trial shift at some skateshop on queen st tomorrow so thats looking good. supposed to get up to 18 degrees today. wooooop

Friday, March 12, 2010

yo yo yo yo

nothing to really update on. toronto has been good fun thus far. lots of sun and now the rain starts today for a couple days. got a job interview tomorrow at a vegan restaurant haha would be dope tho. wish me luck..

Friday, March 5, 2010


went for thai food last night. always overpriced but oh so worth it. thai food is pretty much my fav. could live off a good green curry for years. i couldnt justify payin $15 for a padthai because thats just not right. anyways, got myself a spicy green curry with chicken, eggplant and other veg. what drink goes best with curry you may be thinking to yourself? chang beer! Chada Thai imports Chang straight from thailand! as i ate my curry and sipped my beer it took me back to koh phi phi hanging out in this little beat up restaurant called papayas. cats would hang out in the fridge there cause it was so hot.

changs with the hommies- koh phangnan, thailand - full moon party

i just finished my last bit of laundry, packed my bag, off to lunch with the gramps, then to dinner with the fam, and then bar with the dudes...then 7am flight, ugggggghhhhh.

laters vancouver, be good

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

watching the ships roll in

man, i havent worked for almost a week and a half now, i dont have a car anymore, and everyones back at school. i have never been so bored. youtube has literally been my best friend haha its terrible. i was thinking about what i was doing last year, and this exact day last year i woke up at 430am said goodbye to clinton and left sydney with 3 nearly complete strangers and headed down to melbourne. oh how i miss australia weather. 3 days to toronto though, so booom.


my thai bracelet just broke. fucking cheesed. i dont even know what to do right now.